South Florida Fair Pizza 2009

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South Florida Fair Pizza 2009

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This weekend started the 2009 South Florida Fair at the Fairgrounds on Southern Blvd in West Palm Beach. If you have ever been to the Fair, you would surely notice that there are a lot of different food venues, every kind of food imaginable, and lots of it.

So with all these choices why did I settle on Pizza? And 3 times? Well, I think readers of this website would surely know the answer. I started off with a slice from Perkins. They are located by the pig races, which are a hoot. I didn't particularly care for this slice. It tasted like frozen pizza, but you could see the pizzas being made so I am not sure why. Maybe it started off with a base of frozen crust.

Later I went with Mrs. Pizza to Griff's (not pictured). I thought that was a particularly funny name for a carnival pizza booth (think grifter). This slice was much better. The crust was tasty, as was the cheese, but the Mrs. observed that the sauce tasted "tinny." I guess they have to use canned sauce if they are traveling the country in a camper, but does it have to be an old can? I also tried their calzone. I love a good deep fried calzone at a fair. But these were baked like the pizzas and weren't very thick. Just a thin layer of cheese. Oh well. There are lots of choices for pizza at the Fair.

Pictured above is Scott's whose pizza was OK, but not memorable. I spent over 12 hours at the fair this weekend, and am going back for more next weekend. What can I say, there's lots more pizza to be sampled. The fair gets 6 of 8 slices. Not because the pizza is good, but because it is varied and abundant. Now it's time for rides. And a nap.

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