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Slice Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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slice.jpgslice_ftlauderdale.jpgWhat a simple to remember name....Slice!  When you want some pizza, where are you gonna go look? Slice of course.  When you get a pie, what do you eat?  A slice of course.  My buddy John suggested we try this place, since he heard some ramblings around town about it.

Slice is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, underneath some make shift skyscrapers, by South Florida standards.  John suggested we try this place, since some of the locals have recommended it.  Honestly if John didn't know where it was, I might have not found it.

When we entered into this pizza joint, I felt like I was walking into a childhood doll house, since it was neatly tucked away, with a side door entrance.  Not sure I ever walked into a doll house as a child, but hopefully you get the analogy.  We were greeted at the counter some a young staff, who were eager to describe the daily specials, and nice looking slices they had prepared.

They happen to have a nice lunch deal for two slices and a soda if you work nearby.  The super attentive guy behind the counter, suggested I try the Sicilian slice.  I looked all over for it behind the counter, like a dog sniffing for a toy you hid from him.  He knows the toy is somewhere under the covers, but just not exactly sure where to find it.  I looked over and over and couldn't see the Sicilian.  So I reluctantly asked if I could see what the slices look like and he pointed in front of me.  I said "this is a Sicilian pie?  It is round?"  He told me that is how they make their Sicilian style slices.  There is nothing remotely Sicilian style about a round slice.  I think the last time I saw anyone refer to a slice like this as Sicilian, was Sbarro's pizza, or Villa pizza in the mall.

LET ME TEACH YOU SOMETHING PIZZA OWNERS! Sicilian is square....PERIOD.  This was a thick round slice.

Anyways, I decided to order one regular slice $1.95 and one Sicilian (thick round) slice $2.95.  The staff here brings the slices to your table, in a non-tipping manner.  This was a nice touch, to order your pie, sit down and have it handed to your, without all the formalities of dealing with a wait staff.  I started off with the regular slice, which upon biting into, it felt like I bit into a slice or oregano pizza.  The slice was inundated with oregano.  Usually I chalk this up to a place trying to cover up cheap ingredients.  It didn't appear to be the case at Slice, since the rest of the pie tasted adequate.   The crust had a nice taste to it, and the cheese was pretty good.  Sauce was a bit spicy, but nothing overwhelming.  I then ventured into the thick round slice that they pass off as Sicilian.  This slice was actually pretty good.  I felt bad having all those angry thoughts about what I would eat, based upon what they called it.  The bottom crust was crispy, the inside was soft and chewy, and the cheese:sauce was perfect.  The slice also had a bit too much oregano, but wasn't as noticeable!

Slice gets 4 out of 8 slices.  Their staff would get a lot more!  I wouldn't avoid this place at all, and would gladly give them my business just based on the service.

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  • 108 SE 1st Street, Fort Lauderdale