Sirrico’s Pizza Hollywood Hard Rock Casino

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Sirrico’s Pizza Hollywood Hard Rock Casino

Posted By: jarret
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Now this is not going to be a typical review, so let me explain. We have all had food in different circumstances such as being really hungry or having a craving for something special. So this is review of wanting and having a couple slices after a long night out.  I have had the most amazing tacos in the wee hours of the morning, yet when I tried them during the day they were not the same. I have had pizza that was amazing no matter what time I ate it.  The verdict was out when we came upon Sirricos in the food court of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel.

It was about 3:30 in the morning when I came across Sirricos I wasreally hungry and I heard that the pizza was good. My friends and I decided that a couple of slices might be  a good idea  before we head home. There was a huge line with no real beginning or end, so I figured I would just get the guys attention and order away. At $3.50 a slice, which is a bit steep, I consulted with my friends and we ordered a pie of pepperoni. I know the Pizza Expert likes his pizza topping free, but I like mine with Pepperoni.
The pie set me back $20, not a great way to start out, but we were famished. To gouge people who are tired, hungry and some of them drunk it not very appealing. Yet, were else are you going to get pizza by the Hard Rock at 3:30am? After watching slice after slice being sold, I was starting to lose my patience. Finally at 4:01am here came my hoping to be yummy pie of goodness. The pie was unevenly cut and I had to have them cut it again. They were going for speed not efficiency.
Since this was a food court we though finding seats would be easy, not in this case.
Luckily we found 4 seats and started to devour the slices. The slices were good, not great. I wonder what they would taste like if I had them around 8:00pm instead of 4:00am. I figured if they were amazing then they would be amazing again. Now I am not sure if I would be doing that. Sirricos serves a thin pie, with a large crust. The sauce was tasty, yet the pie was a bit too oily, which in this case was good for this one night only. They were very chintzy with the pepperoni, I like my slices covered. There was one slice that only had one poor little pepperoni on it. The slices were also a bit sloppy, I have to give it a nice curve to make sure everything did not slide off my slice. Overall the pizza hit the spot on this particular night, but I am not sure if I will be heading back anytime soon.
4 out of 8 slices

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