Siclian Slice Gino’s Pizza Holbrook

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Siclian Slice Gino’s Pizza Holbrook

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We already reviewed the regular slice at Gino's Pizza in Holbrook the other day, and now it is time to focus on the Sicilian Style slice I ordered that night as well. This Sicilian Slice came out of the oven and looked delicious. The cheese was melting over the edges like a mozzarella water fall, and it was easy to notice how crisp the slice was by holding the plate and feeling underneath.

After being only slightly impressed with the regular slice at Gino's Pizza in Holbrook, I was hoping that this Sicilian Slice was better, I mean after all, many locals consider this to be "the best" pizza in the area. This slice had many things going for it, and against it, let's start with the things the slice of pizza had going for it:

The cheese tasted great and was applied generously. The crust was perfectly cooked on the bottom and had a great taste to it. The crust was probably the best part of this pizza, and reminds me why people think New York Pizza tastes so much better. Upon biting into this slice it was delightful to taste the crispy bottom, soft inside and properly cooked cheese.

Now let's focus on some of the things this Slice had going against it:

The edges were burnt on this corner slice (even though I asked for a middle). The sauce wasn't that great, it was quite acidic and could benefit from more sweetening.

In my opinion there are better slices nearby, but Gino's in Holbrook is not a place I would avoid. If I am in the area and hungry I would definitely go back to grab the Sicilian slice and hope the kid behind the counter actually listens to not give me a corner.

Gino's Pizza in Holbrook gets 5 out of 8 slices

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