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Scarfone’s Pizza Coconut Creek, FL

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and it didn't taste terrible. So after a long night of talking and raising money for a good cause, a group of 8 of us headed over to Scarfones at 9:05pm. I had the craving for a fresh pie after trying the slice in World of Beer.

When we walked into Scarfone's Pizza in their Coconut Creek location, we asked to be seated for 8. The hostess said they closed at 9:30pm and they wouldn't be able to accomodate us. Someone else I was with said "so, what does that have to do with anything, it is 9:05pm"

The hostess at Scarfone's Pizza in Coconut Creek went back to find the manager, or at least speak to him/her, or at least pretend like they were going to speak with someone. I sure hope it wasn't the ladder of the options, since I would hate to think that Scarfone's Pizza hires employees who would rather make sure they get home on time instead of making their establishment money. This is a common problem with absentee owners at a location, while they try to expand into an already saturated pizza market.

When the hostess returned she told us they close at 9:30pm, and the kitchen stops at 9:10pm. Well considering we were there at 9:05pm (with 8 witnesses) I would question their business ethics. If having a party of 8 who were bound to eat and drink more than $200 for the night isn't important to them, then they should just close their doors (which they might ultimately do anyways if they continue like this). I am beyond glad this happened to me specifically, since I have an outlet to warn others about the terrible hospitality we received at the Scarefone's Pizza Cocount Creek locations.

In my opinion, Scarfone's Pizza is not a place I would ever go back to. How terrible of them not to serve us. We were hungry, and in the mood for pizza, and the charity ordered a bunch of pizza throughout the night (or at least the attendees did). Restaurants need to learn how to accomodate their customers and not take them for granted. This is TERRIBLE management, and TERRIBLE selfishness by the hostess. And what a shame, because your pizza tasted promising.

Scarfone's don't bother reaching out to me, as almost every pizza place I have bad experiences at does, begging me to remove the post, and pleading with me to come back and try the pizza again, promising a better experience. Until you remove this manager and hostess from your location, I have no interest in returning. In my opinion it is time for us to take a stand against the places that take us for granted. If you think I am exaggerating, check the twitter stream from that night with the other 8 people tweeting in disgust as well.

In case anyone is concerned, the event took place September 4th, 2011. Now you can figure out who was working that evening Mr. Scarfone, and re-train your staff that they will not have jobs if they do not feed customers.

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