Sbarro – Sawgrass Mills Mall – Sunrise – Worst Pizza

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Sbarro – Sawgrass Mills Mall – Sunrise – Worst Pizza

Posted By: Pizza Expert
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While shopping at the Sawgrass Mills Mall the other day, we stumbled upon the food court and decided to eat lunch.  The smell from the Sbarro Pizza place caught my attention and I decided I really should have a slice.  When I got to the register I almost passed out!  The gentleman behind the counter mumbled something in some foreign sounding rhetoric that almost sounded like $3.38 please!

After looking at the register I realized that what he mumbled was actually $3.38! That is right folks, $3.38 for a slice of pizza, AND A LOUSY ONE AT THAT!  If you are going to charge $3.38 for a slice of pizza (tax included of course) you better hope it is made of edible gold or something.

Pizza is dough, cheese and sauce.....pretty simple!  If you are going to blatantly rob your customers at $3.38 for a slice, you should provide them with the finest ingredients and not some processed out of the bag crap!  Sbarro, I am shocked that people pay your prices, let alone come back a second time after eating the pizza.  Shame on your guys!  I give this 2 out of 8 slices.

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