Satelite Pizza Bayport, NY

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Satelite Pizza Bayport, NY

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Found myself in the small town of Bayport, Long Island the other day. For those of you who never heard of this place, it is actually where The Hardy Boys were based. I have no idea why I know that, but since I did, I thought you should all know as well. Obviously I saw a pizza place, and had to stop to check it out for the site. Satelite Pizza had outdoor seating and looked cute inside so it seemed like I would enjoy it.

Satelite Pizza in Bayport was pretty busy for this off hour. Usually when a place has steady business throughout the day and not just at lunch time, it is a recipe for success. So with positive thoughts in mind, I headed on in and placed my order.

I only got one slice at Satelite Pizza and although I know the Pizza Expert here doesn't like to review slices with toppings, I felt rebellious and ordered my slice with a topping as you can see from the above photo. As I lifted the slice from the paper plate it became evident that the bottom crust was undercooked and the outer crust was extremely soft. The only positive aspects of the crust was that it tasted good and didn't get overloaded with flour. I ended up using my knife and fork since the slice fell apart almost every time I put it to my mouth.

The cheese at Satelite Pizza although tasty, slid off the slice when I took a bite and went to put it back down onto the plate. The sauce was very tomatoey, but had a nice blend of spice mixed in. Thank goodness they had free refills on the soda since this slice made me crazy thirsty.

Satelite Pizza in Bayport gets 4 out of 8 slices

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