Sal’s Pizza in Boca Raton – Home of the pizza that didn’t show up

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Sal’s Pizza in Boca Raton – Home of the pizza that didn’t show up

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Gary and I went to Sal's Pizza today wanting to try the Sicilian Pizza together.  Figuring the pie would take a while to make we got a sub to hold us over.  So our order was precisely this....Meatball Hero and a Sicilian pie.  We were in total shock when we finished and the waiter said "do you want anything on your pizza, or just cheese (another complaint to address again later).  We asked why he is asking since we ordered it about 20 minutes prior.

He said well he is getting it done now, as in 20 minutes after we ordered it, which would then take another 20 minutes to get it done.  Sal's you have managed to disappoint me like the rest of them, but no matter how terrible the other places pizza is, at least it is something I get to eat.  You should add the new AIR PIZZA onto your menu and see if others will order it as well and leave as hungry as we did.  Needless to say we didn't wait for the pizza and chose instead to tell the astute waiter to forget it.

I would love to give Sal's Pizza in Boca Raton off Yamato some type of rating, but it is hard to rate a slice of pizza you were never able to eat.  TERRIBLE SAL'S!

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  • 861 Yamato Rd Boca Raton, FL 33431