Sal’s Market Deli Pizza Portofino Bay Hotel Universal

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Sal’s Market Deli Pizza Portofino Bay Hotel Universal

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Sals_market.jpgsals_pizza.jpgMade the mistake of getting pizza at Sal's Market Deli at the Portofino Hotel in Universal Studios. Since it was the only eatery open at the hotel, I had little choice. We were too lazy to go off site to try somewhere else. I ordered a plain pie, and Sam got a Margherita pizza. Both looked decent enough when they delivered them to the table, but upon tasting them, we were both greatly let down.

The price is not an issue at a tourist trap like that, so I will not complain about how expensive the pizza's cost. Sal's even has an exotic pizza oven they use to bake the pies, so even the tools they use to make the pizza would lead a patron to believe they served decent pies. But like every other magical facade at these parks, the oven is just for show and the crap they put into it will taste terrible, regardless of what they bake it in.

The main problem is with the awful sauce they use at this place. The cheese wasn't so bad, and the crust was not the worst I have had. But the sauce was just terrible. I cannot believe they did not taste this sauce before serving it to their patrons. The sauce was barely edible.

If you are visiting Universal Studios and want pizza, this is definitely not the place for you to go. Getting pizza by the poolside is a much better experience. Stay there.

Sal's Market Deli at the Portofino Hotel, Universal Studios Orlando, gets 1 out of 8 slices.

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