Ruby’s Pizza Boca Raton Florida

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Ruby’s Pizza Boca Raton Florida

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It was raining, I was hungry and I refused to go to a Pizza place in Boca Raton that would make me have a waiter or waitress bring me my slice.  Closest place I could think of was Ruby's Pizza, which unfortunately, if you do not know where it is located, you probably would never even know it was there.

Ruby's Pizza is located in central Boca Raton behind the medical complex on the south side of Glades Road.  Almost directly across the the street from Florida Atlantic University.

After looking to see what kind of pizza they had, I ultimately chose a slice of Sicilian even though it looked hours old.  The slice took about 4-5 minutes to reheat, so obviously it was out there for a while, but nobody forced me to have it.  When it came out, it still wasn't sizzling but had enough warmth to it, to make it edible.  I really didn't have an issue with the pizza though.  Not sure if I was starving or if it was good, but I was able to finish it.  It is going to be hard to judge it overall, since it wasn't too fresh.  Next time I will try to wait for a hot fresh pie to come out of the oven.  Would also like to try the regular slice.  Seems like most pizza places down here are changing from being Italian owned to Brazilian owned.....just one guys observation.   Ruby's Pizza will get 4 out of 8 slices for now until I try it again.....and I will Ruby's , so look out!

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