Rosso Italia Pizza Boca Raton Wyndham Garden Hotel

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Rosso Italia Pizza Boca Raton Wyndham Garden Hotel

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The Wyndham Garden Hotel in Boca Raton just got a new restaurant inside, where Mario's used to be housed. Rosso Italia just opened up and after a beautiful redesign I decided to go check it out and see how their pizza tasted. Rosso Italia is owned by the same people who brought us Red The Steakhouse in Miami. Red The Steakhouse is internationally known as one of the finest places to get a Steak while in Miami. Luckily enough for those of us who reside in Boca Raton, Rosso Italia is connected to Red The Steak house in the Wyndham Garden Hotel in the Boca Raton location, so we get two upscale restaurants in one convenient location.

Although Rosso Italia has a pretty extensive menu, I went there with one thought in mind. Pizza Pizza Pizza. Upon walking into the modern, open restaurant, my eyes immediately were drawn to the pizza oven, which is almost in front of you. Rosso Italia uses a gas oven here for their pizza, so I was curious to see how it would taste, since some friends who went there said it was Neapolitan style pizza. Neapolitan style pizza is usually cooked in a wood burning oven, so I was hopeful they would get it right, and serve me up a good tasting pizza.

I ordered up a plain pie, which is served in an individual size portion and cost $12.50. In my opinion this is expensive for an individual pie, especially one that is about 10 inches. Similar pies that taste outrageous are only $9.50 at Scuola Vecchia for example. So for $12.50 it better come out tasting unbelievable. I should note that I didn't end up paying for my pizza this evening, since my friend who invited me, ended up picking up the tab for us.

When the pizza came out it looked inviting. The aroma was absurdly haunting, and I couldn't wait to dig in. The pizza was quite soggy when I tried to get it up into my mouth, but this could be solved with cooking it for approximately 45 seconds to a minute longer. Easy fix guys. Actually when the pizza maker came over and asked me what I thought, I told him and he immediately made me a new pie, which came out perfectly crisp.

My first bite revealed some quality ingredients. The fresh sliced mozzarella was laid on top of a nice sweet sauce which was fruity tasting as it had a nice dribble of olive oil applied. The crust tasted great, and considering how thin this pie was in the center, it held up nicely. This pizza definitely tasted Neapolitan style. Picture the dough to be almost like naan bread. It was airy, crisp, doughy and tasty at the same time.

Rosso Italia is a place I would go back to, and plan on later this week. If you are planning on sharing this pizza for a meal, I think you will be disappointed due to the size. This is a perfect pie for one person, or for an appetizer for the table. It comes out fast and hot, which is great for hungry kids (the place is a bit noisy though). Just keep in mind, it isn't the cheapest of pizzas to be found around town.

Cannot wait to try some of the pasta here as well. What really impressed me is the fact that they realize they will have to make changes, and experience growing pains. Unlike places like Assaggio Del Forno, they didn't do some elaborate opening and piss people off when the service was subpar. Rosso Italia decided to open quietly and get feedback from regular customers before doing a grand opening. Some of the suggestions I made to the manager when she came over are already getting implemented. I am not alone....this restaurant actually listens to your feedback and makes changes!

Rosso Italia in the Boca Raton Wyndham Garden Hotel gets 6 ouf of 8 slices.

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