Romeo’s Pizza Restaurant West Palm Beach

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Romeo’s Pizza Restaurant West Palm Beach

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While killing time in between meetings the other day, I drove west on 45th street to see what was out there. If you drive east on 45th street in Mangonia Park or Riviera Beach (I am not sure what area it is there) you will know that this is a risky decision. I had no idea what I might encounter out these ways, but I was bored and decided to try it.

I passed by a crummy looking shopping center while heading west and noticed there was a pizza place inside it called Romeo's Pizza, so I decided to spin around and see what it was about. Upon pulling in and parking, I almost decided to leave before even getting to Romeo's Pizza. There were numerous undesirables hanging around outside the stores nearby, some asking for money, others just asking for trouble. Not very comforting. Once I saw the closest one to me get distracted by a stopping car, I quickly walked in.

Upon walking into Romeo's Pizza in West Palm Beach, I wasn't very impressed. Most of the drink shelves in the cooler were empty, and I was fixated on some flies circling nearby the counter. I know this happens when people open the door and can be found at the classiest of restaurants, but I just hate to witness it. I walked up to order and the staff actually seemed shocked I was there when I walked up to them, like neither of them knew what to do. It was a bit odd. The Eastern European girl had little personality and the pizza guy who was talking with her seemed less than enthused to help me.

I ordered a slice which cost $2.25. They also have a sweet special offered which was $4.75 for two slices and a soda. While waiting I look at the other side of the pizzeria which had a full restaurant, that was pretty sizeable.

It would be interesting to learn if it is ever packed, so if you read this and go there often, let us know if there is ever  a wait here.

The slice came out extremely hot and a little well done by the crust. The slice was thick but held up nicely, even though it had a weird split in the center of the slice on the bottom. This photo above would make an excellent "insert photo caption here" experiment, so leave a comment if you have anything funny to say.

This slice of pizza at Romeo's had a lot of crust. Both by the edges and just in thickness. The sauce tasted cheap but the cheese actually tasted kind of good which made up for it. The slice wasn't too well done on the bottom, compared to the top, so that didn't taste too shabby. I cannot necessarily say I would travel out of my way to grab a slice at Romeo's Pizza again, but I would definitely think that Romeo's has an advantage in this area when it comes to pizza, because I haven't seen too much competition in the area.

Romeo's Pizza in West Palm Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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