Romano’s Pizza Riverside California

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Romano’s Pizza Riverside California

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pizza a long long time ago. I’ve never made the time to check this place out, but Lisett’s new apartment in Riverside CA, is down the street has led to much more frequent trips to its shopping center, and finally this restaurant.

The place is basically a bar and pizza place combo with a large stage. I’ve heard of them having music there, but since I’ve never gone I have never experienced it. There is a little bit of a family vibe, but I imagine that goes away pretty quick later in the evening.

Once again photography is by Lisett, and we were also accompanied by his girlfriend Sandra and their former roommates.

The Bruschetta we ordered really hit the spot and came out fast. The dish would have split pretty evenly between all of us, but I totally ate the most. This is always one of my favorite dishes because it is so simple and has so much flavor, and there’s the added benefit of skipping the cheese so I can share it with my vegetarian friends.

We ordered one other “appetizer”, a pound of fries. The style of pizza we ordered takes a considerable amount of time to make, so a smarter person would have ordered the fires 15 minutes into their pizza wait so they can do a little less starving between dinner and the initial ordering.

Behold our stuffed chicken Parmesan pizza. 35 minutes is a long time to wait for pizza, but it was at least worth it. The pizza tasted delicious and was the perfect end to that evening. I will definitely be ordering some of their pizzas to go in the near future. I will give Romano's Pizza in 5 out of 8 slices.

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