Rocco’s Pizza St. James – Best Pizza Long Island

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Rocco’s Pizza St. James – Best Pizza Long Island

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img_0617img_0621It is hard for me to discuss Rocco's Pizza in St. James without sounding biased, but I want everyone to know I have no affiliation with anyone who works there.  I simply just love their pizza.

I stumbled onto Rocco's Pizza one day when my sister needed to go to the bakery located next door.  Rocco's Pizza is located on 429 Route 25A (631) 862-1600.  Although Rocco's isn't the fanciest of places from the outside, when the door opened and the wind blew towards me, I got a shot of an amazing smell into my nose.  Immediately after smelling Rocco's I decided to walk inside and see what the pizza looked like.  At first I was confused, since they have so many pizzas on the counter.  My eyes eventually landed upon a Sicilian that reminded me of Umberto's of New Hyde Park.  I ordered a slice to try it out back then.  This was before I even had this site.

img_0619img_0614As I walked into the store this day, I looked around a little bit and ordered a Sicilian slice.  Even though they had some out on the counter, the guy working there suggested I wait for a fresh pie that would be coming out of the oven in a few minutes.  Imagine that....he didn't just want to sell the old slice and get rid of it, but it was more important to him that I got a fresh slice that would just be coming out.  These are some of the qualities that keep me coming back to this place and enjoying it as much as I do.

While waiting for the fresh pie to come out I noticed this beautiful looking pizza that the guy was making behind the counter.  After asking him what it was I was informed it was a Broccoli, Spinach, White, Lasagna Pizza they were making.  You can see the photos above to see just how beautiful this pizza came out, and how they almost make their pizzas like an artist makes a portrait.  My pizza came out of the oven, and it just looked awesome.  I almost jumped over the counter to cut the pie myself, since the 5 seconds it took the pizza guy to do it seemed like an eternity.  Upon sitting down with my 2 fresh slices, I was in awe that they weren't soggy or falling apart.  They came out of the oven crisp and delicious!  Normally, a Sicilian pie falls apart if not properly rotated in the oven, but just like everything else this place does, they do with patience and TLC.  They make each pizza like it is the only one they have made all day.  The cheese is the highest quality, the sauce is nice, smooth and sweet, and the crust is just wonderful.

If you haven't tried Rocco's, I highly suggest you do.  I will give Rocco's 7 out of 8 slices.  Tell them worstpizza sent you!


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