Rocco’s Pizza Mt Sinai, Long Island

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Rocco’s Pizza Mt Sinai, Long Island

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While visiting my parents the other week, they agreed to just take a long ride out towards eastern Long Island and just stop at some random pizzeria we had never been to. We didn't get far when we pulled into a King Kullen shopping center in Mt. Sinai or Mount Sinai (not sure how they really spell it) which had Rocco's Pizza in it. Since it looked clean enough and smelled decently when we opened the doors, we decided to give Rocco's Pizza a try. Rocco's Pizza in Mt. Sinai has been opened approximately six months, and seems to be gaining traction in this part of Long Island.

I ordered a regular and Sicilian slice from the kid behind the counter and some garlic knots. My mother found us a seat, and we waited a few minutes for the slices to get heated up. The kid who handed us the slices looked just like the other who took our order initially, but had a different haircut. After confusion subsided, and the other one came out from the back I realized that they were identical twins. And in their young twenties, the brothers owned this pizzeria together, with a little seed funding from their supportive parents.

Both owners were incredibly nice to us, and seemed to take tremendous pride in the pizza they make and serve. They had a nice variety of slices to choose from, so I would be shocked if you couldn't quickly find the type of pizza you wanted a slice of. When my slices came out they both looked pretty good. Let's start with the regular slice first:

The regular slice was quite crispy and held up nicely. Although there was a lot of cheese on the slice, I cannot complain since it tasted great. The sauce was tasty and had a good and proper amount of seasoning. I could tell they do not try to skimp out on the quality or quantity that they use. The crust tasted above average but didn't have too much zest to it. I did appreciate the fact that it wasn't to thick.

The Sicilian slice was well to my liking, and had plenty of cheese laid atop the nice smooth tasting sauce.  One part of this slice had some chunky sauce, as you can see towards the lower left, but otherwise it was smooth sailing. The slice was a perfect square, and a nice size.

Although the crust was a little well done, it didn't seem to phase me since I was enjoying the crispiness of it, and it didn't really have any burnt taste to it. For a Sicilian slice which appeared puffy, I was pleasantly surprised how thin it was as well.

The Sicilian slice at Rocco's Pizza in Mt. Sinai was crispy, airy, and soft at the same time and it made for a great tasting Sicilian Slice.

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Rocco's Pizza in Mt. Sinai Long Island gets 5 out of 8 slices, and we'd recommend it to everyone.

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