Rizzo’s Pizza Astoria Queens

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Rizzo’s Pizza Astoria Queens

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img_0647Rizzo's Fine Pizza located on 3013 Steinway Street in Astoria Queens 718.721.9862 would have probably been a great place to try when I was in town.  The reason I say WOULD HAVE, is because I called them up from down the road and asked them what time they close?  The guy who answered the phone responded 10:00pm.  So I was psyched that I would get to try this highly praised pizza place, known by the locals as one of the best.

I called at approximately 9:15 when I was told 10:00pm.  I arrived no later then 9:25, only to find the door half down and the staff counting the money already.  Why wouldn't the genius mention to me, that even though they close at 10:00pm, we are closing early tonight.  Also why would they say they are open to 10:00pm, if they close before 9:30pm?  This left a bad taste in my mouth, considering I was looking foward to having a good taste from the quality pizza I should have tasted.  Not sure I will attempt going back to this place, since I went an hour out of my way in the first place to try it and find they were closed.  Maybe one of my readers will be more symphatetic to Rizzo's Pizza and send in their own review.

Shame on you Rizzo's Pizza

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