Renzo’s Pizza of Boca Raton

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Renzo’s Pizza of Boca Raton

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Ed Note.  This is the first post from SCOTT another new writer we have here at worstpizza!

This is my first post for worst pizza, but I have been a follower since the origination of the web site. I have based my pizza dining experience on the recommendations from this site. I hope my experience will help others in finding the best possible pie in our area during their future visits. Last night I attended Lenny's poker game where I was pleasantly surprised to see that we ordered from Renzo's Pizza. I have heard positive feedback from previous friends who have eaten at Renzo's Pizza in Boca Raton. I had 2 slices of regular and 1 slice of pepperoni. The first thing I noticed was that the pizza had a nice thin, crisp crust, which is something I look for in my pie's. Nobody wants to pick up a slice and have it fall apart! I was surprised after my first bite that the pizza was piping hot and had a delicious taste. This is hard to find from a delivered pizza. The sauce was not over barring and had a nice cheese to sauce ratio. My only knock on the pie was it was a little oily. I personally enjoyed the plain over the pepperoni  but this generally holds true for me most of the time. Overall I enjoyed the Renzo's pizza, especially since I am not a big fan on delivery pies. I look forward to dining at Renzo's as I am curious to see how much better the pizza is when I get to sink my teeth into a slice straight from the oven. I give the pizza 5/8 slices.

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