Renzo’s Pizza at Costco

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Renzo’s Pizza at Costco

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renzos_pizza.jpgA discounted gift card to Renzo's Pizza in Boca Raton.  This could be a sign of things to come for the economy, or show us how ripped off we were getting previously paying full price, or even just show that Renzo's pizza was really wholesale quality pizza in disguise?

This is an interesting trend, which I wonder if we will see more of.  In my personal opinion, Renzo's has managed to cheapen its brand by including themselves in a warehouse shopping club.  When is the last time you have seen busy restaurants have to offer 20% off cards to get people to dine there?  Besides putting themselves in a walmart type of setting, Renzo's is opening a few places around town currently.  Wonder if they didn't do market research to see what happened to Boboli's, Roboli's, Carlucci's, Sal's, Rotelli's, and many others who thought because one place was doing well, that they would saturate the market, and ultimately close down almost every store they opened outside of their original one.

So, one must question what the motivation is to offer 20% off cards at Costco Mr. Renzo?  Your stores seem to be busy, and the food doesn't suck.  What would lead you to associate yourself with bulk cheapness?  People are normally embarrassed to shop at discount stores, in fear of being seen their by neighbors.  Do you want them to feel the same way when going to your dining establishments?

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