Red Zone Pizza Near The Beach, Boca Raton

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Red Zone Pizza Near The Beach, Boca Raton

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During my previous visit to Red Zone Pizza in Boca Raton, located near A1A and Palmetto Park Road, I had the Sicilian and liked it. Although they just use two pieces of regular dough to make it (like so many other places down here) it tasted pretty darn good. I knew I would have to make the return trip there to try out their regular slice since it looked really good behind the glass display case.

The other day I found myself around that area and decided it was time to go and check out the regular slice. I had forgotten just how expensive the slice was here, and at $3.00 I hoped it was as good as it looked. I ordered two slices and sat down.

While waiting for the slices to come out I got to speaking with the owner Kenny and the incredibly nice counter guy named Larry. Kenny explained to me that he was a musician and tried to play some music outside to attract customers, but the city quickly came and shut it down. It is a shame that bureaucracy managed to once again get in the way of a fun idea. Seemed like dozens of people would come off the beach, have some pizza, and listen to Kenny and friends jam. Oh the boredom some city employees have.


When my slices came out they looked fantastic. Perfectly cooked and amazingly crisp. I couldn't wait to get this into my mouth. Upon trying, I realized I needed a minute to let it cool down since the slice was way too hot. Ultimately once it cooled a little I took another try, and it was really good. The cheese tasted perfectly fresh on top of his smooth and sweet tasting sauce. The crust was perfectly prepared and cooked in an oven that was heated to the proper levels. If I closed my eyes I could imagine biting into a tasty Long Island slice here at Red Zone.

I sure hope that Red Zone has the staying power to remain in this otherwise desolate part of Boca Raton during the week. Although I won't be going there daily (can't afford the gas or the price of the slice), I can see myself going back anytime I am in the area.

Red Zone Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 899 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432