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Red Zone Pizza Boca Raton, FL

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Well it didn't take long for Alfeo's Pizza in Boca Raton to sell and move on. While passing by what used to be called Alfeo's Pizza on Palmetto Park Road, I noticed the sign changed and was no longer called Alfeo's Pizza. The new name was Red Zone Pizza, so I had to stop by and check it out to see what insight I could gain about what happened to the previous owners. For all I knew, it was still owned by the same couple, and they just changed the name.

Upon heading inside, the place looked cleaner and sure enough all the signs now said Red Zone Pizza. I noticed that one of the owners of Alfeo's was still there so I asked her how come she changed the name. She said that Red Zone Pizza took the Boca Raton beach location over and they were helping during the transition. I sure hoped this transition didn't mean higher prices and lower quality. Alfeo's made a nice Sicilian slice.

I ordered two Sicilian slices, and asked for no corners. As you can see from the slice on the left, the pizza guy failed to listen to her tell him two middles. Oh well, I didn't let that make me angry since it would be nice to see a mom and pop shop make it here. Recently the landlord allowed a Subway to open a couple of stores down, so now you have 3 places competing for such a limited audience in this area of Boca Raton. All three places sell subs and salads as well. You would think anyone who opened up in this location would be extremely price conscience since the competition is becoming more aggressive. Most people won't pay $8 for a sub they can go next door and pay $5 for.

Back to the pizza...

The slices came out and looked nice and thick. Compared to my previous visits here, these slices really didn't have as much cheese as they needed. For some reason Red Zone Pizza skimped out, and I do not think it was on purpose but either way the pizza maker should pay closer attention. The sauce was sweet and tasty, and was evenly applied under the small portion of mozzarella cheese. The crust was the best part of the pizza in my opinion. The bottom was cratered, yet the center was moist and tasty. This heavy slice didn't seem to vary much from Alfeo's and if they would just apply some more cheese they could have a good contender here for one of the best Sicilian slices in Boca Raton.

The new owners at Red Zone Pizza also changed the menu around. They have a limited selection of sandwiches pizza and salads to choose from. This is the type of menu Gordon Ramsey would like to see. Just a few good items, that the place can make with quality and care. If I could give some additional advice to the owners of Red Zone Pizza... You have to be kidding me charging $3.25 for that Sicilian Slice. Do you think we live in a disney park and people will pay an excessive price like that for a slice? Lower it back down to a realistic price. Also, do you really save your garlic knots for the next day? It appeared I saw them taken out of the fridge with some other counter top items? I sure hope you make these items fresh daily, since these are the types of freshness issues that can keep people from returning.

Red Zone Pizza in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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