Red Rock Pizza In Boca Raton Closed

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Red Rock Pizza In Boca Raton Closed

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used to be, you might have noticed the broken windows and note on the door saying they had a family emergency.  Although it might have appeared to most that they were coming back soon, it has been confirmed by a expert reviewer that Red Rock is not coming back.  This is a sad day in Boca Raton, we have lost one of the truly good coal fired pizza places.

Apparently there was a death in the family which caused the initial shut down.  From what I gather, the family started to have disputes about the establishment, while in the mean time letting the lease expire.  One of our reviewers assures me that they are not coming back, and that the landlord has included this space in the downtown redevelopment project proposed by Crocker.  This would include selling the entire city block to the developer.  If this fails it appears the landlord himself might take a stab at opening a pizza place.

We spoke to the landlord in hopes of bringing Umberto's Of New Hyde Park into the location, but he didn't seem to think it was possible.  The original Umberto's (not the one that tries to pass itself off as Umberto's in Deerfield and Pompano) definitely wants this spot for a new location, and as one of his biggest fans I think we should all inform the landlord that he should allow a delicious pizza place to open there instead of opening his own.

Recently someone informed me that all the equipment in the former Red Rock Pizza location was removed, including the bar.  I will have to go by and check for myself.  We will miss you Red Rock!

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