Red Rock Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

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Red Rock Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

Posted By: Lapp
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I was working with the design guys on my other site when we got hungry and couldn't decide where we wanted to eat.  We all had different suggestion but the one place we all agreed on was Red Rock Pizza in Boca Raton.

The place was surprisingly slow for lunch time, but maybe that is because the season is just about over down in South Florida.  Cannot say I was unhappy about this, since we were able to get a table immediately and didn't have to wait for the pizza!  I ordered my standard plain pie with light sauce and no basil.  I was as pleased with my selection here like always.  The pizza came out sizzling hot and unlike other places they managed to cut the slices all the way through which made for easy transfer from the pan to my plate!  I try not to review places over and over again, but being how consistent this place is I wanted to re write about it and have a fresh update for you all!  I give Red Rock Pizza 6 out of 8 slices, and if you happen to try it out....ask for the server TESS, she truly is wonderful!

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