Raimo’s Pizza Hicksville Best Pizza Long Island

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Raimo’s Pizza Hicksville Best Pizza Long Island

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Raimos RegularRaimo SicilianOnce off the plane in New York, my parents asked me which pizza place I would like to go eat at.  Couldn't think of a place near the airport and then my dad said Raimo's Pizza in Hicksville - Plainview border,  back near where we used to live.

It was odd, but for some reason I was thinking to myself the night before that I hadn't been to Raimo's Pizza for like 10 years and really used to like their Sicilian.  My immediate answer was yes, let's go to Raimo's in Hicksville Long Island.

Raimo's Pizza is located on 380 Woodbury Road 516.681.2442 on the corner of Woodbury Road and South Oyster Bay Road.  I think back to when I was a little kid and Raimo's was this tiny little place taking up what seemed to be a half a store.  Over the years people caught on to the great taste of Raimo's pizza and the owner had no choice but to expand into what appears to be three stores now.  Little much has changed about Raimo's since I moved to Florida.  The decor seemed updated a bit, and they seemed to only have about a quarter of teh garlic knots displayed then they used to always have, but nothing has changed about the delicious taste of their Sicilian style slice.

I ordered 1 regular and 1 Sicilian.  The regular was ok, but this Sicilian was absolutely amazing.  If you haven't tried Raimo's Sicilian pizza by now, you really need to go and check it out.  The dough is just amazing.  Crispy on the bottom, and soft in the middle with an incredible taste.  The sauce is perfectly sweet and this is one of the few places that could give more sauce then cheese if they wanted to and get away with it.  The cheese is the highest quality and was melted perfectly.

Raimo's gets a 7 out of 8 slices for their Sicilian.  I was very happy that we went back to this place.  Be prepared for some of the worst parking by the way, so if you go try to go off hours.  Also don't judge Raimo's by the horrendous designed website.  Raimo's should contact me for a redesign.

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  • 380 Woodbury Rd Hicksville, NY 11801-3037