Rafi’s Pizza Boca Raton

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Rafi’s Pizza Boca Raton

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A new pizza place named Rafi's Pizza opened up in Boca Raton where Razzo's was, and before that it was something else, and before that something else, and eventually the string leads to Joe's NY Pizza which I think started the pizza craze in this location. So far none have succeeded, so another smart business pizza person decided to give it a shot. Some people just don't do their research.

The decor of Rafi's is quite similar to the other 3-4 places before it. Small seating area and a counter with an open kitchen behind it. I do like the fact that you can see the people cooking your food. I ordered a slice and waited for it to be reheated. When the slice arrived I let it cool down, since I could feel the heat from the plate. My first bite was still quite hot, and I couldn't help but notice how crispy the crust was. I sincerely like biting into pizza and hearing the crust crack off as my teeth go through it. This was probably the best part of the pizza, as the rest of it was just outright overcooked.

The lack of taste of this pizza was covered up by a plethora of basil and oregano sprinkled on. The sauce tasted nice and sweet, but still had a hint of cheap ingredients. The cheese was too well done to really gauge. But like I said earlier, the crust definitely has some potential. I will go back to Rafi's soon and try the pizza again, and hope it isn't as well done so I can get a better tasting of it.

Rafi's Pizza in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices for now.

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  • 21401 Powerline Road Boca Raton, FL 33433-2314