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Puccini’s Pizza Boca Raton

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The new shopping center on the corner of 441 and Yamato Road in Boca Raton opened up about a year ago and originally housed another Renzo's Pizza location, since having two already in Boca Raton wasn't enough.  A reader sent me in a note saying that the original owners sold the place already and for some odd reason, a new person bought it, and renamed Puccini's Pizza.

So I went to try the place out since I never made it to Renzo's before they sold, and I specifically ask the guy behind the counter what happened to Renzo's Pizza that used to be there.  The guy assured me that it is the same EVERYTHING as Renzo's and they just changed the name. I find this odd since it isn't like Renzo's Pizza to not want the branding associated with a new place, if they were still 100% involved. Could Puccini's Pizza be lying to me?

I placed a couple of calls and asked the person who answered what happened to Renzo's Pizza. They all seem to have the same blanket answer, that Renzo was a partner in this location and he sold out. They further state, the food is the same, the staff is the same, the recipes are the same etc.

I ordered a Sicilian slice since I saw a middle piece staring me down and begging to be eaten.  The regular just didn't seem too appetizing and in my opinion almost looked like it was out for too long. When the slice came out, I walked up to the counter to grab it myself. Could you believe, I didn't need a server to bring it to the table for me. I am not sure how I managed. Upon picking up the slice for my first bite, I noticed right away that the bottom of this Sicilian slice was cooked properly. It had some awesome texture and just felt good in the hands when I picked it up. The inside of the slice was a bit too airy in my opinion and that was a little disappointing. It needed more weight.

The sauce was nice and sweet with just a small hint of bitterness. The cheese was probably the part of the slice that I liked least. Although it was cooked correctly, and dripped over the sides of the slice like a decently cooked Sicilian slice should, it just didn't have the "quality" taste I was looking for, at least in my opinion.

Puccini's Pizza in Boca Raton, gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit. I wouldn't avoid it.

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