Publix Greenwise Pizza Boca Raton – Be Wise Stay Away

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Publix Greenwise Pizza Boca Raton – Be Wise Stay Away

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A new Publix Greenwise opened up in Boca Raton last month.  During my initial trip there, I noticed they had a new Pizza Oven and a Pizza Maker......which I took a mental picture of.

After trying to decide what to eat with Mikey (my son) last night, I recalled my mental picture and decided to try out Publix Greenwise Pizza.  This surely was not one of my better decisions!

As you can see by the above photo, I ordered a plain pizza, which I was quickly asked by the "pizza pro" behind the counter "you mean a cheese?"  I reluctantly answered yes, I would like a plain pizza, and if you want to add cheese that would be great.  After ordering I was handed a buzzer to alert me when my pizza was ready (which isn't a terrible idea, so I could shop).  After feeling something in my pocket that led me to believe I stepped into an eltro-charged puddle, I realized my pizza must be ready.

I rushed over to the pizza counter and took my pizza proudly over to the booths to eat.  Upon opening this pizza my son said "dad, this looks like Pizza Hut pizza, and I don't even think Pizza Hut is really Pizza." My first bite was putrid, and so was each consecutive bite.  The sauce was way too spicy, the cheese did not taste fresh, and had zero quality.  I handed Mikey a slice, and he couldn't even hold down the first bite.  It was nearly impossible to say if the crust tasted good, as the repulsive sauce had already seeped into it.

Publix, initially I was pretty impressed with the pizza oven you installed in the store, and I had high hopes that you would actually use it for something good.  Why would you waste all this money on the oven and use crap ingredients?    Here is what I would do to improve this pizza.

  1. Throw away the recipe and start again
  2. Use a basic, sweet tasting smooth sauce
  3. Switch cheeses to Grande
  4. Turn the oven a bit hotter so things bake differently

For now I am giving Publix Greenwise Market in Boca Raton 0 out of 8 slices.  If you are looking for this kind of pizza, I would recommend going to Subway, or even Papa Johns instead.  Do not be fooled by the fact that they use a good oven here, if you put crap into an expensive oven, all you will get out is baked crap!

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