Pompei Restaurant and Pizzeria Rocky Point, NY

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Pompei Restaurant and Pizzeria Rocky Point, NY

Posted By: Herb
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It takes a lot lately to get me to give my opinion about a pizza place when it is bad since I really do not want to hurt their business in any way, shape or form. So in order for me to give my opinion negatively about a place, it really must have tasted a bit wrong. In my opinion Pompei Pizza in Rocky Point was below par and it was hard for me to find many redeeming qualities. Well one quality I should immediately point out was that the staff there was very nice, and extremely welcoming. That is something I look for before I eat.

What can I say about Pompei Restaurant and Pizzeria in Rocky Point except just as they spell the word Pompei incorrectly (maybe they did this on purpose, but the correct spelling is Pompeii, at least for the old town) the pizza in my opinion is just as incorrect.

One of the things about being a pizza parlor in Long Island is that you are expected to live up to a certain standard. People all around the country hear Long Islander's talk about how much better the pizza is back home, and that they haven't tried real pizza until they have eaten at some of the places back in Long Island. Pompei pizza falls way short of that standard in my opinion.

I was looking forward to trying the different types of pizza they had displayed, like chicken parmesan pizza, chicken marsala pizza. grandma slices and even buffalo chicken pizza slices. One thing was consistent for all four, they were all tasteless or poor tasting or just outright weird. Let's start with the tomato sauce that they use on their slices, which they also use on their heros and to serve "on the side" is not really that tasty. In my opinion it is on the way too thin side (which i know pizza expert would love, to each his own) and lacks depth of flavor.

The marsala pizza shouldn't even be a slice offered, I didn't even take a second bite. The other slices we tried had weird flavors, even the grandma slice failed to impress. Ellio's frozen pizza would have been a better lunch when it came to some of these slices.

The white slice was the best because it was merely boring, but eatable at least. The garlic nuts where tough and lacking quite a bit of taste. All the slices were unfortunately over cooked and unpleasant to eat. I really don't like to write a bad review and the people who run the place are incredibly friendly and seem to have a close relationship with patrons, which seems to get customers to come back. The wait staff was exceptional as well. But honestly I would not want to rush back, since there are a plethora of places nearby that serve better pizza.

Pompei, maybe this was just an off day, or a new pizza maker, and I hope you guys don't serve stuff like this daily. Use some better quality ingredients and put some more TLC in the pies. I would love to see a mom and pop place like your continue to flourish, just give a little better taste.

I love pizza! I could eat it everyday, but not at Pompei Restaurant and Pizzeria. Still need to find out if they made the misspelling on purpose POMPEII

Pompe Pizza in Rocky Point, NY gets 2 out of 8 slices.

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