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PL8 Pizza Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Before heading to the Sleigh Bells concert at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale with Andy, we decided to grab a bite to eat since we were early, and didn't expect to find parking so quickly. Andy said he is a fan of this place in downtown Lauderdale called PL8 which has a bunch of appetizer types of food that tables can share. Like the  $4 parmesan wedges that are really just a potato and a half dressed with some cheese. Yay! I feel so happy paying $4 for 1.5 potatoes, what a deal. Or the $4 Brick Oven Garlic Bread, which ended up being nothing more than pizza dough with some basil and oil. Anyways, I decided to get the pizza there, but first let's start off with what happened when we arrived.

PL8 in Fort Lauderdale seemed pretty busy on this evening. We expected a wait but we were happily surprised to find out there currently was no wait from the hostess, and that we were the next people in line. We asked how long and she told us "since you are next in line it could be about 10-15 minutes". Since that wasn't a long time we walked around to look at the other places nearby and came back to wait for a bit. When we returned to PL8 we couldn't be more ecstatic to see a table getting up.

When we asked the new hostess (who I think was the manager) if that table was for us, she politely replied "no, we have a bunch of reservations". Andy and I explained that the other hostess was here when we put our name down and she told us we are next in line. The new hostess told us that we actually were next in line, but after the reservation list. Andy asked her which reservation list, since we were told we were next. Obviously we wouldn't have waited if we had known that we could possibly wait 1 hour instead. We could have gone next store to ROK Burger which didn't have a wait. As you can tell, this dining experience commenced with some terrible communications, and for that reason alone I do not think I would return. After we pestered the hostess for a while they ultimately sat us.

The pizza at PL8 in Fort Lauderdale is about 8 inches round, and costs $9.00. This isn't an excessive price considering what other local places charge, but for 8 inches, it wasn't exactly a bargain. When it arrived on the table, I almost sent the pizza back, since I didn't order pepperoni on the pie. As you can see in the photo at the beginning of the review, that there were a bunch of red chunks on the pizza, that at first glance look like pepperoni, but in fact are chopped tomatoes. Nowhere in the description of the pizza on the menu, does it say it comes topped with tomatoes. It says whole milk mozzarella, parmesean, san marzano tomato SAUCE (sauce being the keyword, not chunks), and basil. At least they listened and didn't put basil on it for me. So be prepared if you order this pizza and don't like whole tomatoes on top. You better make sure you ask for just the sauce and nothing on top of the cheese.

The pizza was cooked almost perfect and had a nice taste to it when first tried. The sauce was way too over powering though, and had quite the spicy kick to it. The whole milk mozzarella tasted nice though. The crust was very good, and I commend the pizza maker for the attention he paid to make sure it was cooked evenly. This is the type of pizza that after my experience when we first arrived, coupled with the cut tomatoes on top, and having to pick them off, I wanted to hate. I really wanted to give this pizza a poor review, but it actually tasted pretty good. My advice to PL8 would be to lose the cuteness in putting the cut tomatoes on top, and make the sauce a little less spicy. You could potentially have a winning pizza on your hands if you could do this. Also, your attempt to copy Kitchenetta with the garlic bread is cute, but it doesn't come close to the taste of theirs. For $4 it most certainly is not worth it in my opinion.

PL8 Pizza in Fort Lauderdale gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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