PizzaTweetup at Nino’s of Boca

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PizzaTweetup at Nino’s of Boca

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pizzatweetup.pngLast night we had an impromptu mini PizzaTweetup event at Nino's of Boca.  Although we were only supposed to have 20 people max show up for the event, we actually ended up with 34.  When people started canceling on me, I was actually quite relieved since I didn't want the owner to be angry. Thank goodness it was not an excessively busy night there, as it usually is.  About an hour prior to the event, the owner texted me saying the place was packed and all tables were still occupied.  I feared that when we all arrived, we wouldn't have anyplace to sit, and I would have disappointed many who came to try this great pizza.

Luckily by the time we got there at 8pm, the place had cleared out a bit and we were able to have ample space to accommodate the 34 of us.  Everyone started out with some drinks, and the owner Marco started to bring out 4 special pies, usually reserved for me, and not found on the menu.

upsidedown.jpgThese upside down pies taste awesome.  Marco starts off by using a different pan to cook the pies in then he normally does.  The dough rises for about 45 minutes so it takes a while to prepare these pizzas, which is why they are not found on the menu.  Sliced mozzarella cheese is used instead of shredded and it is baked into the dough.  Then he applies some of his sweet sauce to the top and voila, you have some remarkable pizza. The four pies were gone before I even noticed, and they seemed to be a tremendous hit.  I personally had a few of them, so it is no wonder why they disappeared so quickly.  I watched as many took their first bites, and all seemed to make the same facial reactions, which led me to believe they thoroughly enjoyed it.

ninospizza.jpgThe next pies to come out were equally as amazing.  We had the regular pie, a regular Sicilian, and an Upside Down "red" thick Sicilian.  Then things started to get exotic.  Marco brought out pizza with some spectacular toppings.  Attendees indulged on some eggplant rollatini pizza, white pizza with broccoli, fresh mozzarella zucchini and squash pizza.  All were an enormous hit.

We thank you Marco, and all the staff at Nino's of Boca for making this short notice PizzaTweetup come to fruition.  I am sure you will see many familiar faces frequenting your establishment after this event, since everyone who had the pleasure of tasting your pizza, seemed to fall in love with it.  I will upload more photos as more people email me them.  Thanks to @mikelamonica and @thedudedean for some of the photos.

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