Pizzarella Pizza Hollywood, FL

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Pizzarella Pizza Hollywood, FL

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Someone from a recent pizza event suggested I give Pizzarella in Hollywood, FL a shot.  Looking through my suggestions in my inbox, I came across two other recommendations for this place.  Normally after 3 emails, I will take a visit to a place.  So since it was 2 emails and one personal recommendation, I headed down there.

Our waiter, who almost spoke no English arrived at the table after a while of waiting.  We were one of the few people eating at Pizzarella during this time, so it seemed like it took forever for the guy to show.  This is a prime example of why having a wait staff deliver slices of pizza is stupid.  We almost left due to the delay.  We ordered a couple of slices and hoped that he actually heard us right.

When the pizza arrived, the crust reminded me of a domino's style, or the type you would get at a sports stadium.  They make it look cheap by that dough docker contraption they use to put the holes in.

This is the type of contraption I am talking about.  In my opinion, the only reason to use one of these is when making a Sicilian Pie, and even then it is questionable.  Normally you will find a place like Domino's or some other fast food pizza place, using these to prevent large bubbles from forming in the crust as they speed bake them.  Or there is another option we should consider.  Places who do not make their own dough, and order it in from somewhere else to freeze use these type of rollers.

The sauce was not too good, it didn't taste of the highest quality ingredients. Actually you can tell cheap ingredients were use.  There was plenty of cheese on the slice and it tasted just fine. I would suggest buying better quality product to make your sauce with.  The crust was actually nice tasting.  Favorite part of it was that it was thin and cooked to perfection.  Guess the looks of it can be deceiving.

Pizzarella gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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  • 4475 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33021