Pizza Time Sicilian Pizza Coral Springs Florida

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Pizza Time Sicilian Pizza Coral Springs Florida

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pizza_time.jpgpizzatime.jpgGo ahead and find someone from the Coral Springs area of Florida and ask them what their favorite pizza place is, and you are more than likely to hear Pizza Time as their response.  Let me make it clear, you would never hear this response from me.

Went with Matt, Joel, and Seth to have some allegedly great pizza at Pizza Time prior to the Lingerie Football League game.  Upon entering this quaint establishment you cannot help but notice the decor.  It is almost medieval in its appearance as you walk through the metal looking doors to the dining area.  Pizza Time, unlike many other dumb places, also has a section for you to order your slices and sit down yourself.  This gets HUGE accolades from me.

Our waiter came over to the table and we ordered 1 plain pie, and 1 Sicilian pie.  He confirmed the order and we began the wait.  The wait was supposed to be for this delicious, perfectly cooked, beautiful looking pizza. I mean that is what "everyone" says about this place.  When the Sicilian pie came out, it was anything but perfectly cooked.  As you can see from the images above, it was watery, undercooked, and certainly an ugly looking pie.  How a pizza guy could actually take a pie looking like this out of the oven just baffles me.  I couldn't even eat this pizza, and we had to send it back to be further cooked.  The waiter gave us a strange look for sending it back, as if to say "you guys don't like wonder bread with some watered down cheese."

The pizza eventually came back to the table, and although the top was cooked a bit better, when I lifted the slice up, there was almost no crispiness to the crust.  It was literally like taking a piece of challah, and laying some sauce and cheese onto it.  Whatever the cause, Pizza Time should really do something to assure their Sicilian pies have some crush to the bottom.  Needless to say my slice fell apart and I actually had to use a fork to try to salvage the pieces.  The cheese and the sauce actually had a nice taste, so it was quite a shame about the crust.  It took off mucho points for the lack of effort and care. might be wondering how our regular pie was?  We are still wondering too, since it never showed up at our table.  Servers should learn how to write orders down instead of trying to memorize them.  It costs restaurants tens of thousands of dollars a year.  Cause people like me, usually don't say anything and just hold a grudge.

This experience is far from what it was back when the original owner worked there.  Too bad he sold it, cause it was nothing like what I remembered as a child when I would come down to Coral Springs to visit my grandparents.  Guess I will have to solely eat at the Pizza Time in Boca Raton now, where you can find the original owner still.

Pizza Time in Coral Springs gets 3 out of 8 slices.  And don't argue with me people, the picture speaks for itself.

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