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Pizza Time Boca Raton Sicilian

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Went back to have another try of Pizza Time since I have been trying to find a Sicilian Slice I would deem worthy enough to go back and try. We have previously reviewed Pizza Time in Boca Raton here twice and both times enjoyed the taste of their regular and Sicilian slices. But since it has been about 3+ years since the last review, it was certainly necessary to try it again.

WIthout getting too much into the history of Pizza Time in Boca Raton, it is the original owner of the one in Coral Springs (Bobby) back when it used to be great. He sold the location, took some time off, and opened in Boca Raton, in a location that really isn't in the middle of anything.


We ordered a Sicilian Pie and some Garlic Knots and began our wait. I was absolutely amazed how fake of an accent our waiter put on. I asked him if he was from Brooklyn or something, and he said nope "I am from Florida". One thing I am quite certain about, is that people from Florida do not talk the way this guy talks. He must have watched way too many gangster films when he was younger.

When the pie came out it looked awesome. The slices were evenly cut and they weren't stingy at all on the cheese. We each took our slices and had our first bites. Although the pie looked like it was cooked perfectly (just a little too well done on the southeast quadrant) the bottom of the crust was still a little undercooked and lacking the crisp that I enjoy when I bite into a slice. The taste of the crust, definitely didn't blow me away, and was just average.

The cheese was piled on, and they thankfully didn't get stingy with their portions. This great tasting cheese was layered on top of a sweet tasting sauce with a nice smooth texture, which I love.

Gotta say, although this pie had its faults, it is still a good Sicilian pie to get when you are in the mood.

Pizza Time in Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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