Pizza Supreme Garden City New York

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Pizza Supreme Garden City New York

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, in Garden City Long Island.  Pizza Supreme used to be located in the Roosevelt Field Mall.  I have many fond memories of grabbing a slice of their mini sicilian pie while wondering through the mall with my mom.  Years ago, for some reason or another unbeknowst to me, they decided to leave the mall and go into a shopping center located a bit outside the mall.  Doesn't seem like the smartest move, since the Roosevelt Field Mall is a highly trafficed shopping destination, but I am sure the owner had his reason.

Pizza Supreme is known for their small slices of sicilian.  The slices are very thin and taste extremely unique.  The sauce here is great, and they use just the right amount of cheese to make each bite scrumptious.  Since the slice is so small and so thin, the crust manages to stay super crispy and is easy to hold up when taking up to your mouth for a bite.  Although they are known for their tiny thin sicilian style slices, their regular slice is pretty good as well.  They have very garlicy garlic knots, so just in case you grab one or two, be warned!

What I like most about Pizza Supreme is that they are unique.  At a time when Coal Fired places are popping up all over America, they have kept true to their original recipe and haven't deviated with the flow.  They do not even use a pizza cutter for the sicilian, but rather a 2 prong fork and knife.  I do recall eating another slice of pizza similar to Pizza Supreme in Brooklyn once, in Caesars Bay Bazaar.  Not sure who copied who, but either way they were both equally great.

One thing I would change about Pizza Supreme...  The small slices are priced a bit high.  They are a bit high, as I remember, I think they were $1.99 a slice but I could be wrong since I forgot the write it down.  I will give Pizza Supreme in Garden City Long Island 7 out of 8 Slices.

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