Pizza Stop Farmingville, Long Island

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Pizza Stop Farmingville, Long Island

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Growing up in the middle of Long Island, we never really made it too far out east. Maybe to take a ride to Montauk or The Hamptons every now and then, but we seldom, if ever got off the LIE and saw some of the smaller towns. I do not think I even heard of a place like Farmingville Long Island until my parents took me to see a Lou Christie concert out there like 25 years ago.

Once I moved to Florida my friend Gary told me he grew up there, as well as my friend Lenny, so I got intrigued what this little town in Long Island looked like. During a recent visit to one of my favorite pizza places in Ronkonkoma (Albert's Pizza) I asked the owner if he could take me on a ride around the area. As we drove down the block from his pizza place, I quickly noticed Pizza Stop in a little plaza in Farmingville, and asked him if I could run in to try a slice out.

Pizza stop had just opened for the day, so the choices of pizza were limited. The nice authentic pizza guy with an accent directly out of Italy (Naples to be exact) told me he had a hot pie coming out and if I waited a few minutes it would be ready. Since I didn't really have anything else to do on this day, I wasn't in a rush and thought it would be nice to try to speak to Pizza Stop owner. Although he had been in Long Island for many many years, you could tell he never lost his roots. To him, pizza wasn't just something you served up and moved onto the next customer. He took pride in his pie and his ingredients. It was easy to see this as you watched him make the pies for the day.

The plain slice I ordered was $2.25 and looked pretty good. The slice smelled inviting and as I took my first bite I could taste some good tasting cheese. Although I didn't see any Grande Cheese signs in the store, it was evident he didn't cut corners when it came to his decision making as to which cheese to use. The crust tasted decent enough and the sauce had a nice tasting spice to it.

The pizza at Pizza Stop is worth trying. I would be shocked to find out there is a better tasting pizzeria in the town of Farmingville.

Pizza Stop in Farmingville gets 6 out of 8

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