Pizza Rustica – Delray Beach Florida

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Pizza Rustica – Delray Beach Florida

Posted By: Lapp
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Last Wednesday I was playing poker with a bunch of friends and we had about 8 pies delivered.  After a huge debate, the gang left it in my hands to decide on the place, since after all I am the self proclaimed expert.  Delray Beach isn't known for any pizza places in particular so I decided to take a gamble and order from Pizza Rustica.  This wasn't my first time eating their pizza but it was my first time ordering in.  Shockingly we were all pleased with the taste and consistency of the pizza!  Their sauce was tasty, and they didn't overpower the pie with it so it stayed relatively crispy until arrival.  The cheese was definitely a quality brand, and the crust was great!  Pizza Rustica in Delray Beach (since it is a franchise I said Delray Beach specifically) will be getting our poker business during pizza games.  Well done guys!  I give this 6 out of 8 slices.

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