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Pizza Roma Aventura Florida

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is a nice little restaurant in Aventura, Florida located at 19090 NE 29th Ave Aventura, FL 33180 (305) 937-4884 that has a full menu and makes great pizza.  This shop has become one of my favorite Pizza restaurants for several reasons.  First of all, the owner has been in the restaurant industry for many years, and he is by no means an absentee owner.  You can find him there on any given day, and he will always be willing to have a conversation.  Of the many conversations I have had with him, the one that sticks out the most is on quality ingredients.  We all know with rising prices in all industries, this can drive up the cost of food.  Because of this, a lot of restaurants chose to use inferior quality products to keep prices the same, but the quality of the product also suffers. This is not the case with Pizza Roma.  They continue to produce good quality food, with very reasonable prices.

Another reason I like this place, is because it is large enough to not be too small, and small enough not to be large.  What I mean is that, you should not expect to wait a long time for your food, and they are not rushing food in and out of the kitchen.  Another thing, is that the kitchen is not really hidden behind closed doors.  You can see the people preparing your food and even strike up a conversation if you are interested or have any special requests.

In terms of take out and catering,  I have never had an issue with delivery or pick up delays, and the quality has always been the same. If you do not know that Pizza is a requirement for birthday parties, now you do.  I have 3 kids and we always order from Pizza Roma.  They have very good appetizers.  We love the mozzarella sticks and the chicken tenders.

Last but not least, the real reason this place has become my favorite neighborhood spot is because of the Pizza.  The quality is very consistent.  The pizza does not fall apart when you pick it up, and there is no cheese drooping all over the place.  The crust holds up very well and its not over sauced.  We usually order the large pies, which are 16" and $12.95 for cheese.  They also offer 14 and 20 inch pie for $10.95 and $18.95

I will give Pizza Roma in Aventura Florida 6 out of 8 slices.

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