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Pizza Pizza Bayside Miami

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After going to the Vampire Circus under the tent on the south side of Bayside in Miami, we all decided it was time to grab something to eat. It seemed logical enough to go Bayside and see if there was something we could all agree on. One person didn't want Hooters, another didn't want Bubba Gump, and eventually we made it down towards the east side of the plaza and saw Pizza Pizza located next to some gelato place.

Pizza Pizza didn't have any seats inside but they did possess a couple of empty tables outside, so we all went in and placed our individual orders.

I didn't notice any prices at Pizza Pizza in Miami so I just ordered a Sicilian slice, which is pretty much all they have. Every slice there is cut into big squares, reminiscent of Pizza Rustica. After grabbing a soda I went to stand by the counter and wait for the pizza. It was at this moment I realized they didn't actually have any pizza ovens I could notice in front of me. Maybe they were off to the side or in the back, but from what I recall (I could be wrong) I didn't see any. All that was on the counter next to the beer taps was a little oven similar to the ones found in most households across the country. Obviously I was hoping this oven was for show and he was going to put the slice into a bigger oven.

Well sure enough, a couple of slices at a time, the pizza guy heated up our slices in this little oven that you see in the photo. We were all equally as shocked. This photo shows him placing the slices in this oven in case there is any doubt.

I was extremely happy that he put in the slices from the pie that looked fresher, because the other slices appeared like they had been sitting out all day and exposed to the elements. Yes, I know, they look stale and gross and I was horrified they even left these slice for display in the counter. They should have been in the garbage.

When he rang me up at the register I almost passed out. The price of one of these thin slices cut into squares was $6.99! Yes you read right. $7 for a slice of pizza in South Florida. For that price it better have been the best slice I have tasted.

Once the slice was placed in front of me it looked almost like two regular slices. The square pizza slice was extremely thin and full of cheese, and light on the sauce. This is usually the way I like it, especially when the sauce isn't that great. The problem with the $7 slice of pizza at Pizza Pizza in Miami is that it almost had no taste at all. Not good or bad. I mean it was almost like eating a piece of the pizza box heated. The best part of the slice was the cheese. The crust wasn't cooked thoroughly so it was soggy, and since it had so much cheese on the slice, it was heavy to begin with. And although I said it was the size of two slices even at $3.50 a slice this wasn't worth it.

Tourist Traps are terrible ways to earn a living. The problem here is Bayside isn't really a tourist trap so to say, and the location of Pizza Pizza doesn't justify this hefty price. Shame on you guys. I wouldn't go out of my way to come back, but I would sure like to taste a crispy slice one day that was cooked right to see if it makes a difference.

Pizza Pizza in Miami gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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