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Pizza Fusion Pizza Tweetup

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.  For those of you who have never eaten at Pizza Fusion before, you should know that they are all Organic.  Even the cars they deliver the pizza in are Hybrids, which produce low harmful carbon emissions.  But there is nothing organic about the taste of the pizza here!

We will get back to the pizza in a moment, but I want to take the time to point out how involved the owners Vaughan Lazar and Michael Gordon are.  You can see it on their employees faces, that these two are beyond fair to everyone.  They offer health insurance to part time workers over 20 hours even.  You can find Pizza Fusion sponsoring many charitable events throughout the country.

pizzafusion.jpgNow, back to the pizza.  They started by putting out a plain pie, and then slowly started to bring out pies with all types of toppings.  The farmers market seemed to be a hit with everyone.

Vaughan was kind enough to show me the location next door to their current store, where they will expand to double the size in the very near future.  The current Fort Lauderdale store will serve as a training facility to new franchisees.  Yup, that is right, you too can own one of these Organic Earth Friendly Pizza places, with the corporate support needed to try and make it successful.  If you want more information on a franchise you can find it on their site here.

We had such an amazing time at Pizza Fusion, that we are thinking about setting up another PizzaTweetup at their North Miami location.  More organic beer/wine and pizza for everyone!  Thanks again guys!  And a big thanks to @mikelamonica for some of the photos above.

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