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Pizza Fiore South Beach Miami Pizza

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The other day we headed down to South Beach, to show my visiting sister and her beautiful kids around Lincoln Road. We started at Alton, and walked towards Collins.  Along the way, everyone started to get hungry, and like any time you have a large group, everyone wanted something different to eat.

Nobody seemed to want to sit down and get some slow wait staff to cater to us. That didn't leave very many choices, and since I didn't really want Mc Donald's, we ended up landing at Pizza Fiore.  We ventured inside and ordered a plain pie. Sorry, I should mention it was a plain New York Style pie, since that is what it says on the menu. Nothing in the place looked New York Style?  The very unorganized staff behind the counter seemed not to grasp the simple order.  So I repeated it and prayed she understood me the second time. My brother-in-law ordered some garlic knots for everyone as well, and then went outside to join his family and wait for the pizza.

When I went to pay, I realized she tried to overcharge me for the garlic knots. I pointed to the menu to tell her, that she was wrong.  She proceeded to tell me she was right, so I put the menu in front of her and circled the price on it to show she was wrong. After some elaborate story as to why she charged me extra, she finally refunded my money.  Caveat Emptor!

The garlic knots looked pretty good here, and just as I was about to try one out of the oven, she dropped them on the counter. Since they touched the counter, she put in 6 new ones and didn't give us the "dirty" ones.  I found this to be extremely cleanly, and appreciated her attention to food safety.

My first bite into the pie wasn't that great. It was extremely undercooked and quite soggy. The pie didn't contain much sauce, which was fine with me since it really didn't taste that great anyways. Since I wasn't entirely thrilled with this pie, I ordered a regular slice after, just to see how it tasted reheated.  This slice was much better and much crispier then the slice that came out of the hot pie.  So note to readers, get a slice here and not the pies.

It is comical that they call their pizza New York Style, since there was nothing New York about the taste or presentation of the pie here. I think I am going to have to create some type of pizza certification process that places have to pass, before they can claim anything to be New York Style. New York isn't even New York Style.

One thing that Pizza Fiore has going for it, is that it is open 24 hours.  And that is a pizza lovers dream!

Pizza Fiore gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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