Pizza and Waitresses Don’t Mix

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Pizza and Waitresses Don’t Mix

Posted By: Pizza Expert
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I grew up in Long Island, where I began my love affair with pizza. I love a good pie, which is why I made this website. There's something that irks me, though, and until now, it hadn't quite settled in with me as to what exactly it was. The other day, at a pizza joint ordering a couple of slices, it finally connected and I realized what it is that bothers me about Florida pizza. It's not the pizza at all.

It's the wait staff.

When are foolish managers and owners of pizza places going to realize that the first word in "wait staff" is wait? In almost every pizzeria in Long Island, I would walk in, order my slices (or whole pizza), and then sit and eat. No middle man between me and my pizza, no waiting for a server or trying to catch the eye of some member of the wait staff to get service.

Here in South Florida, what do we do? We go into the pizza joint, we wait to be seated, then wait to get service from the server, then wait for our pizza, then wait for it to be brought to us, then wait for the check, then wait for our change or credit card slips. That's a lot of waits!

In a hurry during lunch? Better go get something other than pizza then, so you don't waste your whole lunch break waiting.

A lot of other things come with the wait staff too. Besides the waiting, you have the other nuances that change because there's a server instead of just a cash register. I find myself more likely to pay by credit card, more likely to get more drink refills, and, as mentioned, a lot less likely to go there for lunch.

Why can't I just go into the place, order my pizza, sit down until it's cooked, have my name called,or signaled from the counter guy that it was ready, and go get it myself to eat right there or take with me? Are pizzerias trying to be more "upscale" by including waiters? Is there some kind of Florida rule or server union law that requires restaurants to have wait staff? What is it that compels Floridians to put up with the inconvenience of having a server at a pizza place?

I would definitely say with all sincerity that pizza places would get more of a lunch crowd eating their pizza if their patrons didn't have to wait on a waiter/waitress.

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