Pizza 33 New York City NYC

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Pizza 33 New York City NYC

Posted By: Big G
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pizza332In my best old school gangster impersonation "It's on tirdy tird and tird" notice I did not spell it turd? Pizza 33 address 489 3rd Ave, New York  Telephone # 212 545-9191

I went to this pizza place for years and it never misses.  The pizza was only a single personal pizza and I wondered if that would make a difference, it did not.  The oven is worked and the staff was S. American and definitely not Italian.  The Pizza was fantastic and again proves you do not need to be a card carrying red white and green wearing guy named Vinny or Guido.

But I do think the staffs names ended in a vowel.  The sauce was great and the crust was insanely thin. Yet still stiff enough to be crispy and hold it's shape when you held it out.  Getting a small pizza has one great draw back, only 4 slices.  It is like the old joke please cut the pizza into 4 slices I could never eat 8.

Pizza 33 is a great place right in Murry Hill.  In a city filled with great pie this is always a staple.  The place also stays open into the late hours, or is it early hours?  The crowds get large and young after midnight and you can count on the seats to be taken by the over served twenty somethings.  That's cool and and no matter what your age this place is a winner.

They also have slices and specialty pizza like white pizza, sausage, and a pizza that has about a pound of ziti pasta on it.  I have never had anything but straight up regular pizza.  That is the baseline test and only after a proper taste of a regular will I venture into a tricked out deviation.

On 9/11/01 when the city was in mass hysteria and blackout throughout Manhattan my friends went there because the oven was still going not needing electricity.  They were happy to have a hot pizza when practically everything else was shut down.  The line was down the block.  They wanted me to send a belated thanks for that day.

Pizza 33 is a solid 7 out of 8 slices, and one of my favorite pizza places in NYC.  I used the straw, salt and pepper shaker to show it was a small pie.  Large are available and I was exercising some restraint.  It was also my second lunch so I guess it was not that much restraint.

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    212 545-9191

  • 489 3rd Ave, New York, NY