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PieZano’s Pizza Boca Raton, FL

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Those in Boca Raton, are in for a treat. A new pizza place opened up in the eastern part of Boca Raton named PieZano's and it definitely a place worth trying. After trying it once, I went back a second time and third time just to make sure I tried all the varieties of pizza that PieZano's serves. Initially I got a Brooklyn Mozz Sicilian Slice, so I needed to make sure that I tried the plain regular and Sicilian offers here as well. The first visit was great, and I was hopeful the follow up visits would be equally as impressive.

On my second journey to PieZano's in Boca Raton, I got a regular slice and a Sicilian slice, so although I also tried many other slices, I will focus on these two, and leave out the Brooklyn Mozz slice which is made with cooking sauce from the kitchen, the Paper Thin Pizza (which is a like a Long Island bar pie) that comes in whole wheat crust and tasted amazing, the spaghetti pizza (made purely of spaghetti and no crust), the BBQ Chicken pie, and a couple of others. Needless to say, I enjoyed PieZano's and think it is worth trying all the pies that grace their glass display of slices to choose from.

Anthony, who opened PieZano's hails from Brooklyn, and has the accent to prove it. When not yelling things to employees in Italian, he is a down to earth pizza owner, who believes in giving quality ingredients to the customers he serves. He owned a bunch of location throughout New Jersey, before ultimately realizing that living in the cold was no way to live. So he moved his family down and quickly found a location to open a pizza joint. Lucky for those of us who live in Boca Raton, he chose our city to do so in.

One of the first things that impressed me at PieZano's is the fact that they actually have New York Garlic Knots. Not Rolls Suzanne! They are tightly knotted and served with some great garlic, oil and cheese topping. This is usually the tell tale sign if a pizza owner is truly from New York, or just puts up signs saying they are. Pizza shops in New York wouldn't dare serve some of the crap garlic rolls that some places in Florida serve. Although we had to sit down and wait for a server to come over (which as you know I DESPISE), we did so happily since I felt like what I was about to eat was what I had been waiting for in this area.

I ordered a regular slice and a Sicilian, as well as a bunch of garlic knots. When the slices came out they looked cooked perfectly. The cheese:sauce ratio was spot on, and it had a wonderful, inviting, color towards it. The slice was crispy and firm, and held together nicely when I picked it up. The regular slice was a bit thicker than I liked, but that was really the only flaw aesthetically. Upon biting into the slice, I immediately recognized the Grande Cheese brand they were using. It tasted delicious flowing on top of the good sweet tasting sauce. The crust was pretty accurate as well and all together this slice was a nice one. There was a little too much crust by the edges, but the size of the slice made up for this.

The Sicilian came out looking equally as nice, and even appealed to me with the cheese flowing over the edges. This slice was fresh out of the oven, and although I ordered a middle slice, I didn't feel like complaining about the corner, since it still looked good. The crust was a little too well down on the edges, but that is what they get for giving me the wrong slice. The cheese, still a Grande Brand tasted amazing over the sauce. The crust was airy, and cooked well on the bottom, but for some reason when put all together, I preferred the regular slice over this.

Either way, I would go back for both. PieZano's also has a 30 inch pie that I see many people ordering in groups, and it is a nice gimmick. You can see the above photo to see just how big the box is, so you get an idea of the size of the pie. The box on the right is your typical pizza pie you get from any local place.

I hope to do a separate review on their Paper Thin (bar pie) pizza since it is quite unique to the area. In my opinion I think once people try PieZano's, they will become regulars. This part of Boca Raton needed a slice place (and restaurant) like this, and I hope to see them open for many years to come. We definitely recommend this place.

PieZano's Pizza in Boca Raton gets 6 out of 8 slices

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