Pie-Zan’s Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Pie-Zan’s Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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A friend of mine asked me to journey on down to Fort Lauderdale the other day, since he found some good pizza that he figured I should try. The place he was recommending was Pie-Zan's Pizza on Andrews in Fort Lauderdale. Andy and I decided to drive down last week to check the place out and see if it was any good. When we arrived, I realized it was a place I had noticed previously, but didn't really care for the area, and kept driving. Usually any place that is located next door to a bail bondsman, is a place I try not to stop at.

Since I had big Andy with me, I felt safe enough to venture out of the car and check Pie-Zan's Pizza out, and I am quite happy I did. Upon arriving I noticed a sign that said that Pie-Zan's was voted best pizza by WPLG Local 10 news, so it seemed that someone liked this place already.

Pie-Zan's Pizza in Fort Lauderdale is nothing fancy inside. Just some stools, and cut out window and lots of white paint. Sometimes this is all that is needed though. I was disappointed when I only saw cans of soda (and some glass bottles in another cooler) and no fountain drinks, but they had a $4.99 two slice and can of soda special so I opted for that and ordered some garlic knots (not rolls) while we waited.

Although I am only focusing in on the pizza, I needed to show how delicious these garlic knots were at Pie-Zan's Pizza. They came hot and fresh out of the oven, and we devoured them. In my opinion, they are worth getting when you go.

The owner Frank was an exceptionally nice guy who just seems to care about his pizzeria, and the quality of the product that comes out of his oven. I really enjoyed my talk with him, and although he was somewhat busy, he still made me feel like we were the only customers in there. Even the other folks who worked there seemed happy, and proud to serve the food.

When my slices came out, I expected to walk up to the cut out window and pick them up myself, but they brought them to us and our high top little table. The slice looked decent enough when they presented it to me, and upon my first bite I could tell they were most likely using a quality cheese like Grande, which is a great sign for a pizzeria. If they care enough to spend the money to use Grande, they usually spend enough on the rest of the pie to make sure that good tasting cheese has something of quality to bake on.

The crust held up amazingly as I was picking the slice up and down, I think the owner Frank must use Cialis or something in his pizza since finding a slice so nice and crisp around here, is not an easy thing to do. The crust tasted great, but the sauce, although sweet the way I would usually like it, was just missing something and I didn't love it. This would be the only thing about the pizza I would change, and I would have to taste it again to decide what I would do to the recipe to improve the consistency.

Pie-Zan's Pizza in Fort Lauderdale is a place I would purposely go out of my way to have again, and in my opinion if you are looking for a slice joint, you can't go wrong with this pizzeria.

Pie-Zan's Pizza in Fort Lauderdale gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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