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Pete’s Apizza Washington DC

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A few years ago, Washington DC finally got its first good “New Haven” style pizzeria.  Knowing that no less than Frank Sinatra used to have a “New Haven” style pie delivered when he was in nearby New York City made me very excited to see what this Connecticut inspired pizza was all about.  With three locations (Friendship Heights (DC near MD), Clarendon (VA), and Columbia Heights (DC) this popular local destination was a must try!

Pete’s Apizza prides itself on a casual dining experience with excellent healthy pies and good pastas and desserts to promise myself to try “next time”.  With pies this good, I may never get around to trying anything else on the menu.  The aroma of pizza sauce is overwhelming as you walk through the doors.

A glass case full of different types of slices are sure to call your name, but I suggest ordering a fresh pie to get the true New Haven experience.  The ingredients here are all natural.  The pork and beef come from local hormone free animals while the veggies and cheese come from US farms. Soda lovers have a selection of Boylan Cane Sugar sodas to choose from rather than coke/pepsi since these have no artificial ingredients.  Beer is also widely available.  The desserts also look amazing but they’re also on my “maybe one day my stomach will be able to fit a dessert too but I can’t pass up this pizza” list.

It turns out that New Haven style “Apizza” is all about the crust.  They cook at a very precise temperature with air above it to give the crust a thin firm crispiness with a gummier layer inside the crust.  You won’t find any grease on these slices nor a need to fold the slices since they are firm yet light.  My wife had originally agreed to “try a slice” but ended up eating 3 because it was lighter than expected and delicious!  Locals may recognize the flavor as being similar to popular “Pizza Paradiso” but the crusts here are slightly better due to the New Haven internal texture.  Traditionalists may also enjoy trying the delicious looking Sorbillos which are rectangular shaped homages to the birthplace of pizza.  Vegan and gluten-free pies are also available.

With easy metro accessibility, fair prices, local deliveries, and a healthy delicious menu,

I give Pete’s Apizza in Washington DC 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 4940 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20016