Peace A Pizza Boca Raton – Peace Out I Am Not Coming Back

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Peace A Pizza Boca Raton – Peace Out I Am Not Coming Back

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Went to Peace A Pizza in Boca Raton today for lunch. Even though it is located across the street from my office, I would rather drive miles then go back. Eating this pizza was like getting a big gift that is wrapped beautifully and then you open it and realize there is a pair of tube socks inside.

Upon walking into the restaurant you are greeted with this amazing smell of fresh pizza. And as you walk by the counter you see dozens of different varieties to choose from (as you can see in my photos.

Trust me folks, in my opinion, these look a whole lot better then they taste. Peace A Pizza does not put any TLC into their pie. It is almost like a glorified Papa Johns with a few extra choices. I am a firm believer you should be good at one kind of pizza before you try to doll up others. You can tell how little they care about the pizza by the way they bake it. Peace A Pizza does not have a regular pizza oven but some new type of concoction that circles the pizza around.

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It is almost like watching Krispy Kremes getting made but with pizza instead. Even once you order your slice of pizza, which in my case was one regular and one sicilan (which of course during lunch time they were out of sicilian which is a fantastic time not to prepare in advance) they do nothing more then take the slice and run it through a turbo jet speed oven looking thing. I also ordered a garlic loaf which they neglected to give me and ultimately was handed to me with tongs into my hand since the kid was too lazy or dumb to give me a plate or a napkin. But at least he told me to be careful since it was hot as he put it into my odd! In my opinion, after having the pizza today I am kind of surprised they are still open, since they are in a high rent shopping plaza. In my opinion, I will give Peace A Pizza in Boca Raton, Florida 1 out of 8 slices.

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