Passione Pizzeria Carle Place, NY

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Passione Pizzeria Carle Place, NY

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Emilio Branchinelli is a genius. He's the current patriarch of the Branchinelli name in America. The San Marzano farming family that grows the finest tomatoes in the world and makers of the best pizza sauce... period. Emilio is also one of the nicest and most dedicated epicurians on Long Island. He has inspired the likes of Pasteria, Fanatico, and is the owner of Emilio's in Commack. Now, his new creation in the corner nook of Carle Place that once held the legacy of 231, is home to Passione Pizzeria. Abbundanza!!! Bone fortuna Emilio. The night started off strangely as I went right on the assault, letting the big man know that Pizza Expert and I had "NOT the time of our lives on Labor Day for lunch at Emilio's." I told him that the review was an ice pick to the brain as a result of service and some other oddities." That just brought out the super classman in Emilio that proves once again how special and dedicated he is to preserving the excellence of the Branchinelli name.

I told him that Fanatico's Queen Margherita was as good as it gets and he should at least be proud of that place. That's when the specials started rolling. Emilio brought a nice special slice of his signature grandma slice with a secret toasted pecorino romano buried in every crispy bite. Next call... the italian sushi. A fresh prosciuto di parma neatly wrapped around fresh goat cheese. Incredible! Emilio wasn't quite finished. When he asked why I didn't care much for my personal margherita pizza at Emilio's, he nodded and 10 mins later emerged with a freshly made personal pie that simply beat the band.

I suspect I shouldn't have ordered the 18" monster Queen Margherita with fresh sopresata. Between Emelio's visits and time talking about Totonno's and Di Fara and the art of making pizza, I took a stroll around this beautifully sectioned restaurant that has something for everyone, including a private patio for a nice summer night's cocktail party.

The Passione of Abeetz is just that. I ate half of my Queen Margherita and took the other half home to savor this special treat and opportunity to dine with Emelio.

Passione Pizzeria in Carle Place, NY has a Queen Margherita that scores a solid 7 out of 8 slices.

Emilio Branchinelli gets a solid 8 out of 8 for being a most gracious and hospitable host.

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