Papa John Says Not to Eat Pizza

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Papa John Says Not to Eat Pizza

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imagesDuring an interview on BBC's Radio Four program in the United Kingdom, the founder of Papa John's and the company's chief spokesman gave advice to radio listeners: don't eat too much pizza.

Sounds crazy, but it's actually Papa John's response to the British government's anti-obesity drive.  “Pizza's actually very healthy for you if you don't eat too much of it,” John said.  He probably risks some blow-back from his corporate shareholders with these statements, I'd wager.

It's interesting to note that while Papa John admonishes us not to eat more than a couple of slices of pizza, none of their chain's stores sells anything but whole pizzas.  The radio announcer cribbed at this, closing the show with “So don't eat a whole pizza is the advice of the chief executive of Papa John's?  I'm not sure your investors would want to hear you tell people 'don't eat too much of our pizzas.'”

Interestingly, with his potentially sales-slugging comment, Schnatter originally appeared on the show to talk about how his company is weathering the recession. 

Perhaps they're weathering it by telling people not to buy their product?  This could be a maneuver towards getting some of those rich government bailout funds.  John may be laughing all the way to the bank, as sales are up in nearly all of his chain's international markets.

Here come the pizza bailout requests

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