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Paolo’s of Boca Raton Pizza

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A new place decided to take a chance with the store front that used to house Authentic Brooklyn Pizza. For starters I was happy to see that someone finally put up a sign in this location. The previous owner for some reason never wanted to spend the money and brand himself with one.

My friend Barry suggested I tried this place and called it the best pizza he had tried in Boca Raton. Since Barry never called me with such an outrageous claim like this before, I rushed on over to Paolo's of Boca Raton the first chance I could.


As expected, Paolo's of Boca was empty when I arrived. This was to be expected since they haven't really opened fully yet. They are going through more of an unannounced soft opening until they formally have their grand opening I think on Saturday the 22nd. The place was cleaned up a bit, and looked really presentable. One of the things I truly disliked about the previous pizza place that was located here was that they had this cheap looking older refrigerator display under the counter. It looked decrepit and dirty usually, so it was smart of Paolo's to remove it.


Paolo's in Boca Raton also added a lounge area, which I am currently not sure why. When people come into pizzerias, they tend to enjoy sitting at a counter or a table so they can eat the slice and place it down comfortably. Eating a slice in comfort isn't a necessity and I am wondering if Paolo's wasted valuable table space in the future by inserting this area into the restaurant. Hopefully they will get busy enough to have this problem one day.


The display case was full of pizza, and what appeared to look like garlic knots, but I couldn't tell since they possessed some sort of red sauce on them. After asking what they were, the guy behind the counter explain they were garlic knots. Could've fooled me. He was nice enough to offer me one to try before I ordered them, but I declined and instead ordered 4 of them for $1.50. I won't go too much more into the garlic knots except to say they wouldn't be what made me want to return to Paolo's of Boca. They are far superior at Spadini's Mizner Pizza in Boca Raton, and it isn't that far away.


After getting into a conversation with them, and their uncle I think, I came to learn they were from Westchester, NY and came from a pizza family which owned several in that part of New York. They decided to move to the warmer climate and figured they would make a go at Boca Raton. Although I do not love the location they chose, I hope they will last for a long time regardless of the pizza, just based on their decent attitudes. I also enjoyed the fact they let me order my food and sit myself without the need for a waitress, although they did have one there just in case.

My slices came out and I first bit into the regular slice. The slice was very crisp and was a nice size for the price. Although undercooked on the top, as you can tell by the cheese in the photo, it was an ok slice. In my personal opinion I didn't care for the chunky tomato sauce. The sauce also lacked some taste and sweetness. If you prefer a fresh tasting thicker sauce, you might enjoy this slice, but like I said, I personally didn't care for the sauce. The cheese and the crust were up to par though as far as taste.


The Sicilian slice also was pretty good, but I ended up wiping away a good amount of the sauce, because it just wasn't what I love. Do not get me wrong, my tastebuds aren't the final say when it comes to sauce, you very well might enjoy the freshness and quality of the tomato they used, I just personally like it smooth and sweet. The crust was good, and the cheese equally adequate. When I go back to Paolo's I will probably get the Sicilian again and just ask for it to be cooked a little longer.

Paolo's of Boca Raton gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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