Oro Pomodoro Pizza Rockville, MD

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Oro Pomodoro Pizza Rockville, MD

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Just across from the library at Rockville’s busy “Town Center”, you’ll find “Oro Pomodoro”.  This place prides itself on serving authentic Italian food including Maryland’s first VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana) certified pizza.  On the surface, it sounds right with San Marzano tomatoes, caputo flour, and buffalo mozzarella baked in a 900 degree wood fired brick oven.  The taste, however, doesn’t match these high expectations.    In fact, I would only rank Oro Pomodoro to be the 3rd best pizza in Rockville (Pizza CS, Matchbox)

One clue as to how this pizza doesn’t reach VPN expectations comes from it’s disregard for basil on the Margharita pizza.  The sauce and cheese were perfectly proportioned, but unlike their website photos showing basil over half the pizza, mine had only a single small leaf.  The crust was another area of concern as it was closer to a fast food textured crust than a brick oven one.  Once again, the ingredients were right but the preparation and proportionality were not up to VPN quality.

One thing I did enjoy was having their DoppioZero option.  This is their double pizza option in which you get to try two mini pizzas connected in the shape of an eight.  Each half can be any specialty pizza on the menu, allowing you to experience 2 pies in the same visit.  I chose the “Oro Pomodoro” for the first half, assuming they wouldn’t name the restaurant after it if it wasn’t good.  As it turned out, this was a basic white pizza with a few lines of pesto that presumably were squeezed from a tube onto the pie.  It was extremely average for the high price.  For the 2nd half of my DoppioZero, I chose the VPN certified Margharita lacking basil as described above.  It was good but not worth the price when you consider that there are two better brick oven pizzerias in Rockville.  Unless you get a Living Social deal or are set on eating in Rockville Town Center, in my opinion I’d skip this place.

I especially wouldn’t recommend bothering with the pastas.  While their pizza was slightly above average for a high price, the pasta is slightly below average for that same high price.  Although this is a pizza blog, I’ll quickly recommend that for good pasta in Rockville you’re better off at “Il Pizzico” or “Amalfi”.

Overall, Oro Pomodoro in Rockville Maryland is a good location, with only slightly above average pizza.  I give it 5 out of 8 slices.



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  • 33A Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850