Orchid Island Pizzeria Vero Beach Pizza

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Orchid Island Pizzeria Vero Beach Pizza

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orchidisland.jpgWhen we checked into the Disney Vero Beach Resort we were given the menu for Orchid Island Pizzeria.  Curiously, there a disclaimer placed on the menu that Disney's
Vero Beach Resort does not endorse or promote this establishment.
Information is provided strictly as a courtesy.

We ordered the pizza and were told it would take an hour and 20 mins.  And
it did.

The pizza was good, but there was a slightly off taste to the seasoning. The crush was undercooked and it just totally failed the fold a slice test.  The cheese was decent quality and the crust really didn't taste too bad.Reminded me of bad pizza in NY suburbs. Which is good, right?  Better than bad dominoes.

They delivered to Disney vero beach hotel, but knowing that they can only bring it to lobby, you'd think they would bring a bag for sodas and extras.  I ended up having to carry the soda, pizza, plates etc all the way across the hotel to my room.

And while I appreciate free delivery usually, what's up with $1 delivery?

Orchid Island Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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